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    PAS Kit

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    Activator AC-50

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    Personal keychain

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    Keychain driver

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    Equipment in the cabin

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    Checking the battery status keychains

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    Back detection

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    In front of detection

The PAS solution is available in kit form, easy installation by forklift dealer.

Considerations for use of the PAS solution:

Forklift trucks.
Pedestrians must wear electronic tags when in the danger area.
Drivers also wear electronic tags but an inhibitor installed on the forklift truck cancels detection of the driver's tag.

Forklift trucks are equipped with an activator with two antennas for detecting tags:

In the event of a pedestrian alert, the activator is fitted with 2 relays to activate a warning light on the front of the truck, the possibility of a buzzer (optional) and slowing down the speed of the forklift truck (model permitting).
The forklift truck has test tag to check that the activator on the truck is operative. Otherwise the activator ceases to operate.
The tags incorporate standard lithium batteries with a life of more than eighteen months (average of 3 detections a day).
The condition of the tags should be checked at regular intervals using the tag-check antenna.