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  • Antenna for detection keyfobs

    Antenna for detection keyfobs

  • Control Module to register data and stops of machinery

    Control Module to register data and stops of machinery

  • Keyfob for personel

    Keyfob for personel

  • Keyfob battery checking

    Keyfob battery checking

  • Auto Test of the system - 100% running

    Auto Test of the system - 100% running

  • Icnita Safety installation

    Icnita Safety installation

The HAZARDOUS AREAS solution is marketed as project in kit form, easily installed by ICNITA SAFETY or your local installer.

Pedestrians must wear electronic tags when in the danger area.

Machinery is equipped with an activator and an antenna for detecting tags:

Adjustable circular detection between 1 and 5 metres.

Installation of a control profile with the possibility of connecting up to 2 activators (2 belts) for stopping the machine on detection of a tag.

Detection log file – Data viewer.

Each machine/belt has a test tag to check that the machine activator is always operative. Otherwise the activator stops operating and shuts down the machine.

The tags incorporate standard lithium batteries with a life of more than eighteen months (average of 3 detections a day)

The condition of the tags should be checked at regular intervals using the tag-check antenna.

There is optional, easy-to-install software that records operator verification of the tag using the antenna during each shift, saving the information in a log file of battery conditions.