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  • All people wears a safety keyfob (RFID)

    All people wears a safety keyfob (RFID)

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    Safety in dangerous area

Manufacturer of solutions for the prevention of occupational hazards and accidents caused by falling into pits or onto conveyor belts in the recycling industry, more specifically paper and cardboard recycling.

Since 2006, the solution has been installed in hazardous areas of more than 100 recycling plants, protecting all workers in dangerous areas and in the event of falls onto conveyor belts, preventing often fatal accidents by automatic machine shutdown.


All operators must wear electronic tags and all the machines with conveyor belts must be fitted with detection antennas with distances adjustable between 1 metre and 5 metres to detect any person wearing a tag who falls onto the conveyor belt. The machine is stopped automatically to prevent a serious accident.

Main operating characteristics:

Detection of people who have fallen onto machinery or conveyor belts:

Regular robust detection between 1 and 5 metres.
False alarms are avoided by regular adjustment of the antennas.
Machine shutdown on detecting a tag in the area between the antenna and the conveyor belt.
Easy to install or turnkey projects by ICNITA SAFETY or the local installer.
All the devices that make up the system are long lasting and rugged.
Not affected by vibration.
Not affected by interference between antennas.
Not affected by the metal structures of machines.
Detection of tags in any position, even when covered by clothing.
May be fitted to forklift trucks of up to 3.5 tons.

Areas of application:

Presses and crushing machines, compactors.
Perimeter detection of pits.