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Installation of PAS system on Chep´s Bellpuig plant

CHEP is the global leader in managed, returnable and reusable packaging solutions, and serves the most important companies in the world. It is a company strongly committed to the safety of people - as reflected in its "zero harm" program - and has won many international awards in this area.

For this reason they have implemented the PAS system at its plant in Bellpuig, in order to protect both their employees and all the external personnel accessing the plant, thus reducing the risk of accidents.

Thanks to the work done by Linde and Tallers Antoni Miquel, they have been able to implement the automatic speed reduction on the trucks, reducing the machines speed down to 1.1 km/h in the presence of pedestrians.

In addition, the installation of the system has also led the review and modification of access and movement protocols within the plant, in order to separate as far as possible pedestrians from vehicles, thereby also increasing security.

The project is planned as a pilot, in order to standardize and implement the system throughout the group at European level.